Funfox Program: Building Strong Reading Foundations for Primary Students


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The Readers Club

Target Age Group:

 Ages 6 - 14

Target School Levels:

 Years 2 - 8

Reading tutoring for primary school students

Readers Club is a one of its kind reading tutoring program for children learning at a grade 2 to 8 level.

Reading is a fundamental skill that children need to succeed in life. Whether your child is an avid reader searching for more or they need some help to embrace a love of reading, the FunFox Readers Club is the answer. In our small group classes taught by experienced teachers trained in the FunFox Way, Readers Club will give your child the confidence they need to pick up any book and start reading.

Readers Club is packed with a mix of educational games and hands-on activities to engage children at every stage.

What’s Included in The Readers Club?

The Readers Club offers more than simply tutoring for reading. We help to build foundational skills that your child will need to succeed at school and beyond. But we also offer a thriving community and support your child to develop confidence in learning that will carry through to all subject areas.


Ongoing feedback

We build process-based feedback into our weekly sessions to support your child’s continuous improvement.


Weekly 1 hour Zoom lessons

Your child can join their allotted lesson from the comfort of home, wherever you’re located in the world.


Dedicated teachers

Our teachers are extensively trained in the FunFox Way and supported to pursue ongoing professional development.


Small group sessions

Each class is between 3-6 students, allowing the teacher to tailor a range of learning activities to the different student needs.


Never miss a class

Session recordings to allow students to review their class content if they wish.


Parent feedback

15 minute meeting with the teacher each term to discuss your child’s progress.

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Resources and materials

Your child will receive a weekly digital pack with the worksheets for the lesson. The engaging worksheets are an integral part of the program.

What to Expect from The Readers Club:

Readers Club was developed in line with the Australian curriculum and is suitable for students all over the world. Grounded in evidence-based methodologies and packed with fun, we consistently see positive changes and growth in our students.

  • Your child will learn:

  • Reading strategies

  • Different texts require different strategies and we teach these, including inferring, skimming and scanning. We also teach when to use each strategy and why so the students can apply them across any subject… even maths!

  • Critical thinking

  • A fast and effective reader can think on their feet and read between the lines for context. We incorporate brain teasers and riddles into the program to help cultivate this critical thinking ability.

  • Text analysis

  • From classic literature to plays, novels, short stories and poems, we introduce the students to high-quality literature, teaching them how to analyse and digest what they’re reading. They will use this analytical thinking skill time and time again throughout their school and work lives.

  • They will do this through:

  • Small group work with other students.

  • Fun games and activities.

  • Individual reading comprehension tasks.

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The Readers Club Community

The Readers Club is a thriving community. Alongside our other programs, we welcome our students and their families to join our community events and activities. This builds on the connections our students form during classes and allows them to interact with other students with similar interests.  

Meet The Readers Club Teachers

Our teachers are the best in the business. We have brought together a group of skilled and experienced educators and trained them in the FunFox Way. They understand the importance of having fun during lessons and bring this to every class they teach.



Founder, Head Teacher






Teaching & Curriculum Advisory






Teaching & Curriculum



Teaching & Curriculum

Get to know the team

Happy Readers Club Customers

Our students love our programs…and so do their parents! Read more about why they think we offer the best online tutoring programs in Australia and around the world.


"I can't express how grateful I am for Miss Hina and the incredible impact she had on my Cristy. Before joining the Readers Club, Cristy found reading intimidating. But under Miss Hina's guidance, everything changed. I wholeheartedly recommend the Readers Club to any parent looking to inspire their child's love for reading."

Emma Xi


"As an avid reader myself, I was thrilled to discover the Readers Club for my Lisa. This program goes above and beyond in promoting a love for literature. The thought-provoking discussions have not only expanded her reading horizons but have also nurtured her thinking skills."

Liz Thomas


"Enrolling my child in Readers Club was one of the best decisions I made. The program's holistic approach to reading not only focuses on building strong reading skills but also encourages creativity and imagination."

Shalini Burrut


The FunFox Way

Offering a better alternative to traditional online tutoring, FunFox provides quality educational programs for students in Australia and the world over. A family business with family values, FunFox is committed to providing parents with value-packed programs that their children will love. Since launching in 2020, FunFox has quickly developed a reputation among parents as a quality service they can trust.

The FunFox way is all about learning in a fun environment. In every online class, the experience is always the same - fun! When you join FunFox, you’re joining a community of like minded parents who want to provide better opportunities for their children.


Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

Yes! Each term we run a free trial reading tutoring class so you can get a feel for what the program is like. The trial classes do have more students than a regular Readers Club class but they are just as fun and engaging!
You can sign up for our next trial class here.

The Readers Club is an ongoing, long-term program. Each term costs $462. We charge this as three monthly payments of $154 paid by direct debit. You’ll provide your direct debit details as part of the enrolment process so you don’t need to worry about making payments throughout the term. Unless you cancel for the following term, your direct debit payments will continue. There is also a once-off registration fee of AUD $75.
Each term includes 10 weekly interactive Zoom classes. During the school holidays, we run two more relaxed office hours sessions. This is a chance for the students to revise their lessons or work with the teacher on any particular areas of their reading that needs more support and attention.

Each class is between 3-6 students. This is just the right size for us to introduce different learning tools, such as small group work and collaborative activities. In a class of this size, the teachers also have more opportunities to provide feedback to the students.

No. However we do have an alternative option!
The reason you can’t join in the middle of the term is because each lesson builds on the activities from the previous weeks. It’s not fair on a student to try and catch up.
Instead, we do offer 1:1 tutoring. This costs AUD $60 per hour. With this 1:1 attention for the remainder of the term, your child will be ready to join the Readers Club the following term. They will also benefit from this additional attention.

Our Readers Club classes are online only. This gives you greater flexibility to fit the classes around your child’s other extracurricular activities. Our students join us from all over the world, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Korea. Not only is your child learning important reading skills and improving their reading ability, they also have the opportunity to connect with peers from other countries. This value-add wouldn’t be possible in a face-to-face class setting.
Throughout the year, we also run some face-to-face (and virtual) community events. These events help to bring our likeminded community together.

You can expect interactive lessons, fun activities and practical learning experiences. Each week your child will receive a digital learning pack with worksheets, including prep work for the lesson. In the small group classes, the teacher can then dive straight into the learning for the week. The students participate in activities, share their work with their peers and receive process-based feedback on their progress.

Your child will develop skills to read, interpret and analyse different texts. Depending on their school level, we will discuss the composition of the text they’re reading as well as the meaning behind the text. Reading is so much more than recognising words on a page. It’s also about understanding the context and purpose of those words. This is what we help to teach the students, while also fostering a lifelong love of reading.

The Readers Club is a unique reading tutoring program designed to cater to students of different abilities. If your child is a reluctant reader or struggles with certain aspects of literacy, we can help. Your child’s teacher will spend time getting to know them and their challenges. They can then ensure that they address each child’s pain points through the activities in each class. We consistently get results and see improvements in our students.

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