10 Best Spelling Activities And Games to Make Learning Fun For Any List Of Words


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10 Best Spelling Activities And Games to Make Learning Fun For Any List Of Words

Did you like learning to spell? Or did you enjoy it? Well, I didn’t. I hated to learn how to spell words. Honestly, I still do. It was always a tedious job to remember the sounds and get them right with each word. My mother had to put in extra effort to explain the sounds and make me remember them to memorize spellings. 

Though in the world of autocorrect and spell-checking software, why bother teaching spellings? Spelling is a fundamental skill that underpins literacy and effective communication. It lays the groundwork for young learners to develop the skills necessary to become skilled writers.

However, English spelling is full of anomalies that make it difficult for young learners to learn. It is because it contains thousands of words that have been borrowed from a wide range of other languages. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make it fun and engaging for the kids, so they develop a genuine interest in learning spellings. 

Teaching spelling through engaging activities not only enhances vocabulary but also boosts reading comprehension and writing fluency. Let’s explore some engaging spelling activities and games suitable for any list of words. But first, let’s see the criteria for selecting these activities. 

Selecting Spelling Activities

When choosing effective spelling activities, it's crucial to consider the learners' age, interests, and preferred learning styles. Effective activities should engage multiple senses, combining visual, tactile, and cognitive elements to enhance learning retention. 

Moreover, the adaptability of these activities is essential, as it allows for customization to fit various learning modalities, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

By tailoring activities to individual needs, spelling becomes a more accessible and impactful educational experience for all students. 

Now that we are clear about the criteria, let’s look at the 10 best spelling activities and games. We have divided the activities into different categories so you can pick the ones that you find most appealing for your kids. 

  • Word Illustrations - Draw and Illustrate Words

Combine art and spelling by having students draw the alphabet of the word. You can use different colors to color code the consonants and vowels for the students which will also help them in remembering the spellings. 

  • Word Art - Creatively Decorate the Letters of Words

Ask students to decorate each letter of a spelling word creatively, using different colors and patterns. This artistic expression helps solidify the words in memory. You can also incorporate colorful beads and glitter for decoration as it would interest the kids more. 

  • Pattern Block Spelling - Build Words with Tangible Shapes

Utilizing solid shapes like pattern blocks to form letters and spell words helps in developing spelling as well as motor skills. This hands-on activity supports spatial understanding and fine motor skills. You can also use Lego and building blocks so the kids feel entertained while learning spellings. 

  • Jumping with Your Spelling List Words - Incorporate Physical Movement into Learning

Turn spelling into a physical activity by having students jump from one letter to another drawn on the ground, spelling words as they go. This activity is great for kinesthetic learners. Make sure that the kids are reading out the spelling words loud for better retention.

  • Spelling Maze - Navigate a Maze with Spelling Words

One of the best ways to teach anything to the students is by incorporating interactive games. For spelling, you can design a maze where each path choice corresponds to the correct spelling of a word. This game enhances critical thinking and spelling skills while keeping students engaged.

  • Do an Add-On-Story - Create a Story with Family or Peers Using All Spelling Words

Children tend to memorize things better if their family or friends are involved in the same. For this activity, challenge students to create a story using every word on their spelling list. It will help in better retention of the spelling as they will associate them with a family activity while also bringing out their competitiveness. 

  • Create a Story - Write and Illustrate a Story Incorporating Spelling Words

Creating stories is the best way to make students interested in any activity which can be leveraged for your lessons. Ask your students to create a short story or comic strip using all their spelling words. It will not only help with spelling proficiency, but also foster creativity in them. 

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  • Secret Code - Encode Words with Pictures or Symbols

Children love to know secrets, so why not make spelling into an interesting secret keeping activity for them. Introduce a cipher where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a picture or symbol. Students use the code to spell out their words, enhancing their problem-solving skills and making the activity feel like a secret mission.

  • Alphabetical Order - Organize Words in ABC Order

A classic and effective exercise for students to arrange their spelling words in alphabetical order. This not only reinforces the correct spelling but also aids in developing organizational skills. You can also use magnetic alphabet to make it more interesting for them. 

  • Finding Spelling Words in Texts - Scan Newspapers or Magazines for Spelling Words

Most of the little ones like to take on a challenge. For this activity, challenge to find their spelling words in the context of real-life texts, such as newspapers, magazines, or online articles.

This activity demonstrates the practical application of their vocabulary and also develops an interest in reading. 

While these activities and games are helpful in introducing your young learners to the world of spelling, it is equally important to revise and practice the same. Here are some more engaging activities for your revision classes. 

Spelling Practice and Review

  • Stamping Spelling Words - Using Stamps for Tactile Learning

Using rubber stamps or homemade stamps for this activity. Your students can print their spelling words on paper. This hands-on approach is especially appealing to tactile learners. Use of different color ink will make it more engaging and fun for the kids. 

  • Flashcards - Utilize Flashcards for Review and Reinforcement

Flashcards are a classic educational tool for a reason as they promote active recall, which is crucial for memory. Students can quiz themselves or work in pairs to test each other. You can make into a small game to grab their interests more. 

  • Practice Spelling Test - Conduct a Practice Test to Identify Tricky Words

It is necessary to assess your student’s growth. Regular practice tests can help assess which words students find challenging and track their progress over time. 


We hope these activities will help you with spelling lessons whether you are teaching your child at home or taking a class of 20. To master spelling, consistency is key.

By incorporating a variety of engaging, interactive, and tailored spelling activities, educators and parents can help students develop strong spelling skills. 

Offering a range of activities caters to different learning styles, keeping students interested and motivated. Varied exercises ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel in spelling through methods that work best for them. Spelling doesn't have to be a chore.

With these fun, engaging activities and games, students can enjoy learning and mastering their spelling lists in creative and dynamic ways.

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