Top Free Online Learning Resources for Kids at Home


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Top Free Online Learning Resources For Kids At Home

You don’t know what to do with your curious kids and their boundless energy (and maybe a little too much screen time)? Especially during the weekends and school holidays? Worry not, parents and caregivers! Dive into our curated list of free online learning resources designed to keep young minds engaged and entertained at home.

Several excellent free websites and apps allow kids to explore a variety of subjects, such as math, science, reading, and more. These resources feature interactive games, videos, and activities tailored for different age groups. Using these resources, kids can learn at their own pace and in a way that holds their attention.

This article reviews some of the best free online learning resources for kids. It provides a brief overview of each site along with recommendations on age-appropriateness. You can help your child continue learning even when school is not in session by checking out a few of these resources. The sites listed make learning an enjoyable experience through self-guided exploration and discovery.

The significance of fostering learning outside the classroom

Learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Experiencing education in new environments can make it more engaging and impactful for children. When kids learn outside the classroom through activities, games, and interactive resources, they help develop essential life skills.

Kids can explore their interests and try new subjects in an informal, fun setting. This fosters curiosity, creativity, and self-directed learning. Outdoor activities are also great for developing social and motor skills. 

Learning outside the classroom in a self-paced manner builds confidence and independence in children. It also allows parents to be involved in their kid's continuous education, even during extended breaks from school.

An overview of free online educational resources for various age groups

Kids can use many excellent free online resources to learn from home. Here is a brief overview of some top sites tailored for different age groups:

  • Ages 3-5: Sites like ABCmouse, Starfall, and National Geographic Kids feature basic reading, math, and science games ideal for preschoolers. Videos are short, and interactive activities help develop early skills through play.

  • Ages 6-8: Websites such as National Geographic for Kids, BBC Bitesize, and Scholastic Learn at Home provide curriculum-based worksheets and projects for early elementary students. Topics covered include natural science, social studies, languages, and arts.

  • Ages 9-12: Resources like Khan Academy Kids, Ducksters, and Turtlediary offer self-paced learning modules, quizzes, and challenges on subjects up to the middle school level. The areas covered are wide-ranging, from math to health to coding.

  • Teens: Sites like Codecademy, Scratch, and Ted-Ed offer creative challenges for older students. They can learn programming, animation, and video editing skills through self-guided tutorials and projects.

Educational Websites and Apps for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can explore a variety of educational apps and websites right from home. These interactive resources make learning foundational skills enjoyable for young kids through self-guided play and discovery.

Interactive platforms like Vroom and Sesame Street focus on foundational skills

Vroom is a science-based app that encourages learning through kids' daily activities with caregivers. 

The Sesame Street app and website feature beloved characters in videos and games that cover literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. 

Both help develop school readiness through developmentally appropriate lessons in a fun, engaging manner.

Math-centric apps and websites, including Bed Time Math and Fish School - 123 ABC for Kids

The Bedtime Math app challenges kids to solve story problems before bed. Fish School—123 ABC for Kids teaches numbers and counting through interactive fish games and songs. 

These apps instill an interest in math and its real-life applications while developing logical thinking in a playful style.

Comprehensive learning with Funbrain Jr and HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

Funbrain Jr has educational games, reading, science, and creative arts books. HOMER Reading: Learn to Read app makes learning the alphabet, phonics, and sight words an adventure through interactive stories and mini-games. Both offer a well-rounded foundation for preschoolers in an entertaining digital format.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive learning platform for your kids to learn the foundational skills of reading (years 2-8) and writing (years 2-6), FunFox offers interactive, small-group online tutoring led by qualified teachers. Book a call with the FunFox team to find out more.

Learning Platforms for Elementary School Students

Learning Platforms for Elementary School Students

Here are the details on some top learning platforms for elementary school students:

Starfall and PBS Kids offering a wide range of subjects

Starfall and PBS Kids are very popular among elementary kids, offering a wide range of subjects through interactive and engaging mediums. 

Starfall teaches basic literacy concepts through games, while PBS Kids covers topics like math, science, social studies, and arts & crafts through videos and activities featuring lovable characters. 

Subject-specific sites like CoolMath 4 Kids for math and National Geographic for Kids for science

For subject-specific learning, sites like CoolMath 4 Kids and National Geographic for Kids are excellent resources. CoolMath 4 Kids makes math learning enjoyable through interactive games. National Geographic sparks curiosity about science with experiments, quizzes, and multimedia content. FunFox classes further supplement learning on various subjects engagingly through their specialized techniques.

Creative and problem-solving skills development with PBS Design Squad and DIY

Some programs foster skills beyond academics. PBS Design Squad challenges kids' engineering abilities, while DIY teaches basic do-it-yourself skills. FunFox also aims to develop a lifelong love of learning in addition to academic skills. Their qualified teachers use interactive methods to nurture young learners' creativity, collaboration, and initiative.

Overall, these online platforms and programs, like FunFox, provide multifaceted learning opportunities outside the classroom that encourage the balanced development of elementary kids enjoyably and effectively.

Creative Learning through Games and Activities

Creative Learning through Games and Activities

Learning doesn't have to be boring! It can be a lot of fun. That's where creative learning through games and activities comes in. Instead of just reading textbooks or listening to lectures, you can engage your mind and imagination through interactive games and hands-on activities.

These games and activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and memorable. They can help you understand complex concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and stimulate creativity. Whether solving puzzles, creating art, or participating in team-based challenges, there are endless learning opportunities while having a blast.

Highlights for Kids and The KIDZ Page providing games, art activities, and puzzles

If you're looking for a treasure trove of games, art activities, and puzzles, look no further than Highlights for Kids and The KIDZ Page. These platforms are dedicated to providing fun and educational content for kids of all ages.

Highlights for Kids offers various interactive games that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. From word games to logic puzzles, there's something for everyone. Additionally, they provide art activities that inspire creativity and allow you to express yourself through drawing, painting, and crafts.

The KIDZ Page is another fantastic resource that offers an extensive collection of games, puzzles, and educational activities. From math challenges to brain teasers, you'll find plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills while having a great time.

Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. enhancing skills via character-driven games and activities

If you love your favorite characters from Nick Jr. or Disney Jr., you're in luck! These platforms offer character-driven games and activities that can enhance your skills while immersing you in the world of your beloved shows.

Nick Jr. provides a variety of games and activities featuring characters like Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, and Blaze and the Monster Machines. These games promote early math and language skills, problem-solving, and social-emotional development.

Disney Jr. offers a similar experience with games and activities featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, and the Disney Princesses. You can join them on exciting adventures that promote creativity, memory skills, and logical thinking.

By engaging with these character-driven games and activities, you can learn and grow while spending time with your favorite animated friends.

Learning Games for Kids covering subjects like spelling, social studies, and keyboarding

Learning doesn't have to be confined to traditional subjects like math and science. Learning games for kids cover many topics, including spelling, social studies, and keyboarding.

Spelling games can help you improve your vocabulary and spelling while making it enjoyable. You can challenge yourself with word puzzles, practice spelling through interactive activities, and even participate in spelling bees.

Social studies games allow you to explore and understand the world around you. You can learn about different cultures, historical events, and geography through interactive maps, quizzes, and engaging activities.

Keyboarding games are designed to help you develop essential typing skills. Playing fun and interactive games improves your typing speed and accuracy, which is valuable in today's digital world.

These learning games provide a dynamic and interactive way to acquire knowledge and skills beyond the traditional classroom setting. So, dive into the world of learning games and discover a fun and engaging way to expand your horizons.

Educational Content and Storytelling

Many websites provide fun stories and activities to help kids learn. Stories can teach about history, science, and other subjects engagingly. Kids need to do more schoolwork when reading an interesting story! Some sites create stories just for kids at different grade levels. 

The stories include questions so kids can check their understanding. There are also stories from different cultures around the world. This helps kids learn about places they may not visit.

Scholastic and TIME for Kids offer grade-specific activities and world-knowledge

Two popular sites for kids are Scholastic and TIME for Kids. Scholastic makes books and magazines for kids learning to read. They also have online games and videos. Scholastic content matches what kids learn in each grade. 

TIME for Kids is a magazine just for kids. It has short articles on current events written at a level kids can understand. Both sites help kids learn math, science, social studies, and more. They provide extra practice of skills taught in school. Scholastic and TIME for Kids make learning feel fun by connecting it to things happening in the real world.

Exploratorium and Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids introducing science, art, and cultural learning

The Exploratorium and Old Farmer's Almanac websites spark kids' curiosity about science, nature, and history. Exploratorium is a science museum with hands-on exhibits. Their website shares science experiments kids can do at home with everyday materials. It shows how to observe natural phenomena. 

Old Farmer's Almanac is an annual book of facts, weather predictions, and folklore. Their website has sections just for kids to learn through activities. It introduces American farming practices, weather patterns, astronomy, and more. Both sites make learning an adventure and encourage kids to discover new interests.

Guided Learning Activities and Calendars

Many educational websites provide structured learning activities and calendars to support kids' education at home. The activities are broken down into weekly or monthly schedules to give kids a guided learning plan. 

This helps kids learn important skills and concepts through fun tasks at their own pace. The scheduled activities also help parents support their child's remote learning.

Weekly and month-by-month activities tailored for different grade levels

Sites like ABCya and offer detailed calendars of learning activities tailored for each school grade level. The calendars lay topics and skills to practice each week or month. For example, a 3rd grade calendar may focus on multiplication one week and fractions the next. 

The activities build upon what kids learn in class to prevent learning loss over breaks. Parents can easily follow the calendars to support kids aged 5-12 in key subjects.

Incorporation of fun ways to learn maths, science, and reading at home

Educational calendars include various quick activities kids can do at home to learn outside the classroom. For example, math can be incorporated into cooking or science into gardening. Reading assignments include audio books kids can listen to for enjoyment. 

Sites ensure activities feel like less schoolwork by making them engaging games, crafts, experiments, and puzzles. This encourages a positive attitude towards learning and keeps kids progressing over the summer.

Parental Guidance and Support Resources

Many educational websites provide helpful information and resources for parents during at-home learning. This allows parents to feel confident assisting their children even from a distance.

Tips for navigating at-home learning and stress management

  • Create a schedule and routine to keep kids on track.

  • Build in breaks for physical activity and free time.

  • Lower expectations if kids can't focus for long periods

  • Seek help from teachers if kids struggle with subjects.

  • Take deep breaths and be patient with yourself as a parent.

Engaging in family learning activities and ways to discuss current events with kids

Websites offer fun projects parents can do together with kids using common materials, such as cooking recipes with fractions or building a solar system model. 

Sites also share current news stories that are kid-friendly to spark conversation. Discussing current events helps kids feel connected to the wider world. Guidance helps parents talk to kids in age-appropriate ways.

Resources provide a support system to make remote parenting and teaching less stressful. Parents can access them whenever they need practical tips or new activity ideas. This helps parents and kids get the most out of learning together at home.

Additional Tools and Book Recommendations

  • Parents can use some helpful things when reading with kids. Flashcards with pictures and words help with learning new vocabulary. Felt boards let kids act out stories. Listening to audiobooks in the car is also fun.

  • These books—The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad, Sister Anne's Hands by Mary Cabrera, and Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora—show kids about people who are different in nice ways. Each book helps kids learn new things.

Maximizing the benefits of at-home reading sessions

  • Make reading time cozy. Have snacks and bring a stuffed animal or blanket. This helps kids feel happy and calm. Take turns picking stories each day. Let kids pick what they want to learn about.

  • Ask what's happening in the pictures. Talk about feelings and ideas in the stories. When done, ask what they liked best. Reading together strengthens the love between parents and children. It helps children know that parents think reading is important.


Numerous free online learning resources are available for kids at home. These resources provide various educational materials and interactive activities to engage and inspire children in their learning journey.

From educational websites to online courses and interactive games, these resources cover multiple subjects and cater to different age groups. They offer a fun and accessible way for kids to enhance their knowledge, develop new skills, and explore their interests.

However, suppose you're looking for a comprehensive online tutoring program that combines personalized instruction, a supportive learning community, and a proven methodology to make learning fun.

In that case, we highly recommend checking out the FunFox Program. With experienced teachers, small class sizes, and a focus on building writing and reading skills, FunFox offers a unique learning experience to help your child reach their full potential.

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